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Your private cloud.

Peerio is a state of the art encryption tool for everyone — designed to be as simple as it is secure. With a one-minute signup, end-to-end encryption by default, and cloud backup, you can easily share private messages and files and access them from anywhere.

End-to-end encryption.

Peerio encrypts all your data “end-to-end” by default. This means your messages and files are encrypted locally on your device before ever being sent to our servers. Your data then travels to the cloud through a secure TLS connection, and is safely stored — encrypted with your private encryption key.

You control your data.

You own your encryption key, you own your data. No one besides you ever has access to your private encryption key — your passphrase. This gives you complete control over who can decrypt and access your data. No criminals, competitors, spies, governments, not even Peerio, can snoop on your Peerio data.

Open source and peer reviewed.

Making secure encryption systems isn’t easy. That’s why Peerio’s end-to-end encryption technology is open source and peer-reviewed. We use state-of-the-art encryption methods, and anyone in the world can verify that they work the way they’re supposed to—even you. You can review Peerio's code at GitHub.

Professionally audited.

Although Peerio is open source, we don’t expect everyone to be reading up on cryptography in their spare time. So, we’ve spent hundreds of hours working with independent teams of security experts to review Peerio’s code, test for vulnerabilities, and fix any potential issues before Peerio gets to your device.