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With Peerio, you control your data.

Peerio integrates cloud storage with a messaging platform so you can safely keep your important files online and ready to send from anywhere. With end-to-end encryption, messages and files are encrypted before leaving your computer and can only be read by you and your recipients. Even we can’t read them.

Big files, no problem.

Peerio makes even large file transfers swift and secure. Just drag and drop and your files will be encrypted and stored safely online. You can access and share your files anytime, anywhere.

Real-time delivery notifications.

Peerio confirms your messages and files have been delivered, and lets you know when your recipient has read your message or downloaded your file. Never again ask, “Did you get that file I sent you?”

Remote file destruction.

There may be files you want to share, but not forever. With Peerio’s remote file destruction, you can delete your file from the entire network and all users at any time.