Private messages and file sharing
made easy.

Also available for Chrome Mac Windows Linux

Peerio is code signed so you can verify the authenticity of your download.

Peerio is...


Peerio protects your messages and files so only you and your intended recipients have access.


Peerio end-to-end encrypts all your messages and files by default.

Secure Cloud

Peerio cloud storage is fully encrypted so you always have a secure backup.

Cross Platform

Peerio's multi-platform support ensures you can access your data from any device.

Group Chat

Peerio helps groups collaborate securely with support for 50 people in a conversation.

Big Files

Peerio lets you to encrypt, backup, and share files as large as 400MB.


Peerio will always be free to use and free of ads.

Open Source

Peerio is open source so anyone can check that our code does what it should.


Peerio is independently audited by expert cryptographers at least twice a year.

What people are saying

“One of the 100 greatest innovations of 2015”

Popular Science

“Peerio represents one of the most full-featured end-to-end encryption tools out there.”


“Dead simple end-to-end encryption”


“Peerio presented itself as definitely robust and standing strong against a large amount of threats”

Cure53, Security Firm

“It’s basically crypto for everyone. In our experience, really anyone can use it, and that’s something that’s been missing in the crypto universe.”

Dr. Mario Heiderich, Security Researcher