Designing Secure Group Chat in Peerio

Last week, researchers from the Ruhr University Bochum released a paper revealing weaknesses in WhatsApp’s security design. Specifically, they discovered that WhatsApp’s servers have complete control over the user list in a group chat, meaning a malicious server could add members to the group. This effectively defeats the goals of end-to-end encryption, as anyone who’s able to access the servers — attackers, WhatsApp staff, or authorities able to legally prompt action from WhatsApp — could discreetly add whoever they want to an existing group.

3, 2, 1... Saying Goodbye to Peerio Legacy

We’re approaching the final countdown, the end of a year and a legacy. On January 8th, we will be shutting down Peerio Legacy permanently and launching into the future with Peerio 2! Why the move? Two years ago we realized Peerio had the technological basis to grow into something much more than a secure chat app. With a few tweaks, we would have the foundation for an entire suite of privacy protecting tools to help everyday people work a bit better.

4 Reasons to Move Your Data to a True Secure Cloud

In addition to being a true end-to-end encrypted collaboration and communication platform, Peerio is also an effortless secure cloud storage solution for your personal and work files. Whether you are at work or play, your data belongs only to you. Here’s why you should consider upgrading from your current storage solution provider. 1. Never Lose Your Files Keep a secure backup of your files in Peerio. Anything you upload will be encrypted on your device before being transferred, then stored, in at least three separate data centres.

Creating a Secure Workspace: Peerio Rooms

In today’s globalized economy, online communication has become indispensable for businesses. But online communication platforms also bring unprecedented risks that can seriously endanger your company. Business owners bombarded with the growing number of news reports about data breaches can often feel like they need to choose between communication and security. And for a long time, those sacrifices were unavoidable. But now, with end-to-end encrypted Peerio Rooms, you can finally create a secure space for your team to collaborate and work together.

Encryption Basics

"When you send something to your friend Rabbit, your message doesn't actually go directly to him." Lots of companies say that they encrypt data, but it’s important to know just what type of encryption they use. Unless companies specify that they use end-to-end encryption, they’re most likely only encrypting data in-transit and at-rest. Here’s how messaging apps generally work. When you send something to your friend Rabbit, your message doesn’t actually go directly to him.

The New Peerio: A Technical Deep Dive

Last week we released a complete rewrite of Peerio — our end-to-end encrypted messaging, email, file management and team collaboration platform. Our team has been working extremely hard over the past months to bring you a better, faster, more secure application. After touting the exciting benefits of our new architecture, we have now also published a detailed whitepaper. This document contains a deep dive into the keys and permission schemes of our KegDB system.

What is a Cryptographic "Backdoor"?

It’s been an exciting few months for Peerio as we approach our second anniversary this summer. We’re preparing to launch mobile clients for Android and iOS, professional plans for our heavy users, and we have a slew of features in the pipeline to improve overall user experience. As our team continues to grow, we’ve been accelerating development of a collaborative end-to-end encryption tool to ensure that everyone has access to a simple and secure platform to share private messages and files in the cloud.