3, 2, 1... Saying Goodbye to Peerio Legacy: Peerio
December 29, 2017

3, 2, 1... Saying Goodbye to Peerio Legacy

We’re approaching the final countdown, the end of a year and a legacy. On January 8th, we will be shutting down Peerio Legacy permanently and launching into the future with Peerio 2!

Why the move?

Two years ago we realized Peerio had the technological basis to grow into something much more than a secure chat app. With a few tweaks, we would have the foundation for an entire suite of privacy protecting tools to help everyday people work a bit better. By summer of 2017, we released Peerio 2 — a massive upgrade from the original Legacy version. Literally everything has been improved: performance, features, general look and feel, all of it. We also added a good sprinkling of your “most wished for” features, just in time to celebrate the new year! You’ve got GIFs, inline images, text formatting, and crucially, full emoji support coupled with emoji search and shortcuts so you can communicate at peak emoji.

What does this mean for my Legacy account?

Making the move from Legacy to Peerio 2 is simple — download Peerio 2 and sign in with your existing username and passphrase.

Unfortunately, the sweeping improvements we made to Peerio 2 also made it a little too advanced to support data from Peerio (Legacy). If you have any files or conversations in Legacy you want to preserve, please download or copy them before January 8th. We know this is a pretty big inconvenience — this limited migration is something we lost more than a couple nights sleep over when debating whether the benefits of Peerio 2 would be worth it. We think they are, and we really hope you’ll think so too.

Legacy users, have a year of Peerio Pro on us.

Are you a Legacy user? As a thank you for being absolutely awesome and sticking with us through all these adventures, your Peerio 2 account will be credited with a full year of Peerio Pro for free (normally $99.99/year). Your Pro subscription entitles you to 500GB of storage and an unlimited number of Peerio “rooms” — a new feature that allows you to host and manage group conversations. To get your Pro Plan, all you need to do is migrate your Legacy account to Peerio 2 and link your email address. On January 8th, your plan will activate. This offer is only valid for people who signed up for Peerio Legacy before December 29th, 2017. As always, none of the improvements we made would have been possible (or nearly as good) without you. Whether it’s praise, criticism, or suggestions, we’d love to hear from you! Message us anytime at @support on Peerio or at support@peerio.com.

Wishing you the happiest of holidays and a happy new year!

Skylar and the Peerio team