4 Reasons to Move Your Data to a True Secure Cloud: Peerio
December 14, 2017

4 Reasons to Move Your Data to a True Secure Cloud

In addition to being a true end-to-end encrypted collaboration and communication platform, Peerio is also an effortless secure cloud storage solution for your personal and work files. Whether you are at work or play, your data belongs only to you. Here’s why you should consider upgrading from your current storage solution provider.

1. Never Lose Your Files

Keep a secure backup of your files in Peerio. Anything you upload will be encrypted on your device before being transferred, then stored, in at least three separate data centres. All your data is always fully encrypted. This means you’ll always have a copy of your files, even if you lose your device. Having backups also reduces the harm of being hacked or becoming victim to a costly ransomware attack. Take control of your data before someone else does.

2. Get Organized

We made it easy for you to keep track of all the files that you send and receive in your Rooms and Direct Messages. With Peerio, you can see every file shared in a Room at a glance and organize them into folders in your secure storage. Keep what you need and delete what you don’t. With Peerio Professional you can upload unlimited file sizes with as much storage as you need.

3. Take Your Data Anywhere

Peerio is fully portable across multiple devices. Storing your files in a Peerio encrypted cloud means that you can bring your data with you, even when you need to leave your computer behind. Access your files on any device, from anywhere in the world. Only accessible by you.

4. Protect Your Ideas

Peerio secure storage is the most secure place for your ideas, documents, and work. Everything you upload is end-to-end encrypted, which means the only people who can read your files are you and the people you choose to share them with. No one else can access them. Not even us.

Compare this with other cloud storage services that don’t use end-to-end encryption. Microsoft’s OneDrive and Apple’s iCloud both scan your files for “objectionable content” and retain the right to remove those files without your consent. Google analyzes everything you upload, from messages to files, and sell that information to advertisers and third parties for marketing and profiling purposes. Dropbox provides “a small number of employees” access to everything you upload. This is especially troubling considering that the previous Dropbox breach resulted from a negligent employee.

Times have changed but your privacy should not. Peerio believes in privacy for everyone, and now you have an option that you can trust.

Your work is valuable. Work in confidence with Peerio.