Ask Floh: How to get started with cybersecurity in the workplace?: Peerio
October 1, 2018

Ask Floh: How to get started with cybersecurity in the workplace?

Need to protect yourself from cyber attackers at work or in your business?

Overwhelmed? Wondering how you even get started?

You’re not alone.

We’re kicking off Cybersecurity Awareness Month with Ask Floh, a new video series that offers practical advice on cybersecurity and cyber hygiene in the workplace.

In our premiere episode, Floh (CTO of Peerio) gives you the first step you need to take in evaluating your digital security needs and your cyber threats.

Got a question?


So welcome to the series. It’s a new series exploring some of the common frequently asked questions of cyber hygiene and related topics.

I’m Floh and I will be your host answering questions from some people that I know, some people that I don’t know, and really anyone who sends in a question.

I’m the CTO of Peerio. And I also do a lot of education around security and other technical topics.

This is a series about what you can do to inform yourself and to implement some best practices relating to Cyber hygiene in your office at your job, whether you work with a lot of people or not, how you can really do something sensible to protect your data to keep it out of the hands of attackers.

And the things that I want to explore here are really sort of practical fundamentals. I don’t want to overwhelm you with all of these scary threats. I don’t want to give you tons of technical terminology.

What I want to do is take a more human approach, and a very practical and measured approach. Because one of the things that I hear really often is:

“I’m overwhelmed. How do I even get started?”

And I hear this from all kinds of people. So from, you know, from lawyers who work alone, to people with family businesses, to tech startups, all kinds of different businesses constantly have this problem of like, kind of knowing that digital security is a thing that is important, but also feeling that it is extremely difficult and not knowing where to start.

And so the thing is that there isn’t necessarily a universal best practice that you could start with, there are a few common sense tips.

But the first step in evaluating your digital security needs and evaluating Cyber threats is really understanding what your assets are, what are the things that you need to protect the most.

This is going to vary wildly, depending on what it is you do. What it is your business does and therefore the plan for protection is going to be very different.

The first exercise truly is to think about what the thing is within your organization within your business that would cost you the most whether it’s in an actual money or in reputation or whatever, if it were compromised in some way.

And so that that’s my first challenge to you.

And then from then, on, having evaluated what those risks are, then we can and what those assets are, then we can move forward towards thinking about how you can actually protect against any threats that might come towards you.

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