Creating a Secure Workspace: Peerio Rooms: Peerio
December 1, 2017

Creating a Secure Workspace: Peerio Rooms

In today’s globalized economy, online communication has become indispensable for businesses. But online communication platforms also bring unprecedented risks that can seriously endanger your company. Business owners bombarded with the growing number of news reports about data breaches can often feel like they need to choose between communication and security. And for a long time, those sacrifices were unavoidable. But now, with end-to-end encrypted Peerio Rooms, you can finally create a secure space for your team to collaborate and work together.

Back in June, we released a brand new architecture for Peerio. This new version has expanded the limits of speed and usability for a true end-to-end encrypted app, establishing Peerio as a leader in offering organizations of all sizes a solution to work online in confidence.

Rooms brings Peerio’s unrivaled true end-to-end encryption technology to the dynamic world of enterprise communication. With Rooms, Peerio is enabling the most secure team collaboration and communication platform: the rapidly growing trend to centralize online workplace communication into one simple app. With a team collaboration and communication platform, you won’t need to worry about getting messages from multiple communication channels, keeping lots of tabs open on your browser. You can have real-time communication with your collaborators—people from down the hall as well as those on the other side of the world—all within the same app.

Unlike the unsecured channels and groups of other team communication platforms, you can keep Rooms locked for private conversations. With true end-to-end encryption, only members can access messages and files shared within a Room. You won’t need to worry about your company’s most important conversations becoming exposed in a data breach. With Peerio Rooms, you can protect your organization’s ideas and create a safe space for connecting with your team members.

Here’s how Rooms work: - You can create a Room with a name and a purpose. Some Rooms can focus on aspects of teamwork, like Marketing or Developers. Others can create space for casual conversations and community building—a Random room where people can discuss current events and share funny visuals, for example. And as easily, Rooms can be created for highly sensitive content such as Human Resources, Executive Suites, and Board members. - When you create a Room, you become the administrator for that space. You can easily add or remove members, as well as assign administrative roles to other members of the group. - Inside a Room, everything members share—every message and file—are end-to-end encrypted. This means no one outside of your Room has access to what happens inside of it. Finally, a private workspace!

Create your first Room by downloading Peerio today. Work in confidence. Always encrypted. Always productive.