Embedded server-side spy chips not a risk for Peerio users’ data: Peerio
October 5, 2018

Embedded server-side spy chips not a risk for Peerio users’ data

Yesterday, a Bloomberg Businessweek article exposed a possible supply chain compromise on many cloud platforms. Attackers embedded hidden spy chips into server hardware during the manufacturing process, which allowed them complete control of the server and access to data passing through and stored on those servers.

The provider of our server infrastructure denies that any of their servers were compromised in way mentioned in the Bloomberg’s article, but even if they were compromised, this should not worry Peerio users.

Peerio is designed to be secure against attacks on our server infrastructure. Our users’ data is protected against pretty much any server attack.

Even if such attack were to affect our servers, Peerio’s end-to-end encryption ensures that the confidentiality and integrity of your messages and files are not compromised. This is because Peerio messages and files are encrypted on your own devices before being sent to the servers and users’ encryption keys are not known to our servers (or anyone else), so even a compromised server is not able to decrypt your data.

Learn more about our security here.