Filesystem Upgrade (or Unearthing the Hidden Excitement of Strong Foundations): Peerio
June 11, 2018

Filesystem Upgrade (or Unearthing the Hidden Excitement of Strong Foundations)

Within the next thirty years, there’s a 99% chance that California is hit by an earthquake so strong, it’s classified as “major”. How can 40 million Californians possibly deal with such a forecast? One possibility is to design earthquake-proof buildings.

The strongest aspect of any structure designed to withstand a natural disaster of that magnitude lies it’s foundation. A properly engineered base transmits the charges of each seismic wave to the nearby land; this allows the building’s structure to adapt to the shaking earth, ensuring safety and stability even through tremors.

Peerio, as a secure communication and file-sharing platform, protects you from earthquakes of the digital kind: cyber attacks, hacks, and leaks. That’s why we spent the last few months working on our own foundation–the file system.

Peerio asking to migrate your files to the new system

The majority of this update’s improvements happened below the surface. Peerio will look and feel the same as before the update. But the filesystem upgrade lays the groundwork for a lot of exciting features in the near future. After all, our goal reaches beyond protecting your work — we want to make it easier, more convenient, and fun.

Earthquake Engineering

Security shouldn’t be a tradeoff for something else, or a choice you need to make. It shouldn’t even be something you need to worry about. Architects don’t expect you to be responsible for their building’s security and stability, we think the apps you use for work should be engineered the same way.

Like earthquake proof buildings, engineering an end-to-end encrypted file system is a bit more complex to construct than a less-protected equivalent. For example, sharing files without encryption is fairly easy, simply upload the file to a server and have that server route it to your recipient. That company (and anyone else with access to the server) gets to decide who has permission to access your files. This is how most other file sharing platforms work.

End-to-end encryption gives you control over exactly who can access your files. Imagine sharing a whole folder of files with your team, files that may have already been shared with different individuals working on the same project. This file system needs to not only deliver the files, it needs to protect every single presentation, report, audit, video, and contract you send by encrypting each file exclusively to the people you want to have access. This is what our upgraded file system is designed for — automating encryption so you don’t even need to think about it, it just works.

Do more with less, bulk file operations

With the core work of the new file system done, we’re ready to start building up, and up, and up. We’ve got some significant features coming soon, and some smaller goodies for you to enjoy in the meantime.

Starting today, you can perform bulk operations on files. Need to get your files organized? No problem, select all of your silly gifs and move them to your “Emergency GIFs” folder. Need to share a stack of graphics with your developers? Cool, just select five or 500 items and share as usual. This is how it works:

  1. Go to the Files Tab
  2. Select the files by checking the square on the left-hand side
  3. Select your action to perform (e.g. download, move, or delete) in the top right corner
  4. Confirm your action (e.g. select the download location, destination folder, or confirm deletion)

How to perform perform bulk file actions in Peerio

There you have it, secure file operations without having to compromise convenience.

Onwards and Upwards

A solid foundation isn’t particularly exciting for most folks who are just working on top of it. In fact, foundations are often there to save you from certain types of excitement, like an earthquake rattling your walls or seeing your company’s name in the headlines about another hack.

Our joy is really in the potential — what comes next and how we can help your team do more, better, faster, and of course, securely.

Let us know what you think, or what you’d like to see next! We’re a small team and love hearing from people like you who want something better. Message us at @support on Peerio or