Strong security
made simple.

Learn more about how Peerio's technology, design, and practices protect your data.

Strong Encryption

Robust end-to-end encryption is at the core of Peerio’s security assurances. This ensures your data is secured on your device, in transit, and while at rest on our servers — all in a way that gives you total control over who has access. By using modern, reliable, and proven cryptographic standards, Peerio is able to provide a substantially faster, user friendly, and more secure encryption platform. For more detailed information on Peerio’s cryptography please see our technical specifications.

Secure by Design

Strong security depends on how people actually interact with the tools provided to them. While some solutions shift this burden to the user, Peerio operates with the mantra that all “human error” can really be attributed to error in design. Peerio's interface was built from the bottom up to minimize opportunities for user error, ensuring that people of all skill levels can send private messages and files simply and securely.

Open Source

Peerio is open source, meaning you or anyone else can review our source code to confirm that the application does what it says it will. This makes it easy for the entire security community to review our code, look for bugs, and ensure there's nothing suspicious. Putting it all on public record also holds us responsible for fixing any potential issues in a swift and timely manner.

Bug Bounty

Peerio offers a bug bounty to encourage peer review by rewarding those who dedicate their time and knowledge to help make Peerio as secure as possible. The bug bounty program also provides a way for "bug-hunters" to responsibly disclose any issues they may find — ensuring issues are resolved quickly with minimal possibility for exploitation.


Although Peerio is open source, we don't expect everyone to be reading up on cryptography in their spare time. To ensure Peerio is as secure as possible, we spend hundreds of hours working with independent teams of security experts to review our code, test for vulnerabilities, and fix any potential issues before the app gets to your device. Peerio is submitted for independent audit at least twice a year.